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Website Plan
Jewish History Hub    Connecting Cleveland's Jewish History Community

Home page

The left side of our Home page will tell what's new on this site: new resources, new essays. We may also mention some recent discussions and trends in our Facebook group.

The right side of our  Home page will tell of some coming events such as exhibits, lectures, courses and books. These events were posted first in our Facebook group.

About Us

The collegial cooperation that led to these pages. Our plan for two linked web presences: this edited website and a Facebook group. Our start-up team.

Under consideration:
  Who is on our advisory team
  List of websites that partner with us


Our core section: an inventory of Northeast Ohio's Jewish history resources, with comments and, where possible, active links. Postings by members of our Facebook group can help it grow.

Under consideration:
  Hidden treasures: hard to find resources
  An area Jewish history timeline, with links
  On this date in area Jewish history

In My Humble Opinion

When people of like interests meet they tell stories. Historians describe projects started and finished, lessons learned, discoveries and dead ends.

We start the section with contributions from our startup team and hope to find more essays among the postings by our Facebook group members.

Site Plan

This Site Plan page will initially show the direction we plan for these pages.

Later we will add links to each page, making it a Site Map.

Contact Us

How to contact us


Facebook Group
Welcoming new members

A "public" Facebook group that welcomes those wanting to learn more about our Jewish history: what's available, what's new and what's coming. Postings will be moderated. What does that mean?

We hope our efforts to spread the word about our Facebook group will bring a steady increase in its members. We look forward to it becoming a place for questions, comments and discussions.