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Joining our Facebook Group
Jewish History Hub    Connecting Cleveland's Jewish History Community


Note: Facebook lets only persons with accounts see what's on a group, even a public group like ours.

1) Click on the Facebook logo in the upper right of this page.


2) Through Facebook
    Open your Facebook page. Type jewish history hub Then press <Enter> or search.


Q. If I don't join can I still see what's on the group?
A.  Yes, if you have a Facebook account.
You can even "Like" a post. But that's all a Facebook public group lets non-members do.

Q. I've seem forums with irrelevant and disrespectful content. Will this group be a safe place?
A. That's our goal.
Our group is public. All Facebook users can see it. But only members can post and comment on posts. Facebook has tools to moderate posts and comments; we will use them as needed.

Q. Will I get a lot of email after I join?
A. No.
We don't like too-frequent messages and won't pester you. When you post only members of the group get notifications. When someone comments on your post you'll get a notification. If you comment on a post only the author of the post and any others who commented are notified.

Q. When I post will my friends get notifications?
A. No.
To tell your friends about your post, share it on your personal page.

Q. If I join will members be able to see parts of my personal page that only my friends can see?
A. No.
Only members who are also your friends can see those parts of your page.

Q. I am a history buff. What do I get from becoming a member?
A. Here are some benefits:

You'll learn about courses, talks, books, web content and exhibits that you might otherwise miss.
You'll have a way to comment on other posts and on programs and courses.
You can suggest new programs and projects (modest proposals please).
You'll have a place to tell others about new and less well-known material, including hidden treasures.

Q. My interest in "history" is in the neighborhood where my parents/grandparents lived.
A. Consider joining.
  If enough people like you join, there's a chance for some lively conversations.

Q. My interest in "history" is not strong, but I go to an occasional talk or read about it.
A. Please sign up.
  We hope to be the home of the longest list of recent and coming history events. If you missed an event, some members may have posted comments and "learn more" links about it, or you could simply post a request for information.

Q. I do (or am planning to start) local Jewish history research. Should I join?
A. Absolutely.
  You'll be able to ask questions of other researchers -- some call us "citizen historians" -- and when your work is done (in print, on the web or as a pdf document) you'll have a way to tell others about it.

Q. Can this group help me in my genealogical research?
A. Possibly.
Your best move is to join the Jewish Genealogy Society of Cleveland (website). If your question relates to area history, a post or comment might get you a helpful response. So don't ask where Aunt Bea is interred, but if family lore says Zaide was a founder of a Jewish organization, you may get an answer or, more likely, some suggestions on how you can find an answer.

Q. Can I leave the group at any time?
A. Yes.
To leave a group, go to the group, click Joined at the top,  then select Leave Group. Members won't be notified. You're removed from the member list and the group will be removed from your list of groups.

Your question not answered? Send an email  to  


Q. My organization works at  preserving, exhibiting, and/or offering courses and lectures on Jewish history. What do we get from joining?
A. Welcome.
  As this website's About page says, our group aims to help your organization attract more visitors, users, members, etc. Think of our Facebook group as a bulletin board where your staff, after they join, can post notices of new programs and comment on the posts of others. Your volunteers might also benefit by joining; it is a place for them to ask questions and share their knowledge.

Q. A follow-up question. My organization has a Facebook page. Can it join the group? We could add our names to our posts.
A. Not now.
  Sorry, currently Facebook allows only personal pages to join groups.

Q. How does my organization participate?
A. It's easy.
  A staff member with a Facebook account joins, then posts, adding your organization name and (optionally) her/her position at the top or bottom of posts. More than one person on your staff can join. Example: one member might promote events and programs, others might post and comment on other matters.

Q. How does my organization promote an event or program?
A. Plan your post, then post.
  Promotions work best when they have a link back to your website to learn more: who is speaking, the dates and times, the cost, and more. Publish that page before you post, so your post can include a link to it. You can also include an image. Be sure to add to the Facebook group's Events.

How can we get our event or program on this website's Home page?
A. Post it on our Facebook group and its Events list.
Then contact us at least four weeks before the event starts or registration for it closes.

Q. My organization has only an occasional history-related program.  Should we join?
A. Why not?
Your library, adult education program or synagogue may have only a few programs a year that might interest some of our members, so you'll be posting only a few times a year. After all, there is no cost.

Your question not answered? Send an email  to  


It's as easy as 1-2-3:

1 - Open your Facebook page.
2 - Go to the Jewish History Hub group.
3 - Below the large image at the top of the screen is a Join Group button.

     Click on that button.

The screen will display PENDING. That means you have made a request to join. In the interest of our members, we review each request to join. We will do that each day. When your request is approved a notification is sent to your personal Facebook page.

We look forward to your joining us soon, sitting down at our virtual round table.