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After you become a member you can post your history related event on our Facebook group.

After you post your event, if you think it should also be noted on this site's Home page, send an email to  Include your name and daytime phone number. Send it a few weeks before your event starts. Our adding an active link to your page is available only on a reciprocal basis. See note below.

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If you have created a relevant web resources or know of one we have not yet listed, post it on our Facebook group. Then follow up with an email to Include a short description, a "learn more" link and your name and daytime phone number. An active link on this site to your "learn more" URL is available on a reciprocal basis only. See note below.
Reciprocal linking (get a link, give one back) is an old web custom. We create an active link to your asset or to your Home page if your site (usually on its Links or Resources page) does the same to, next to or under a name for our site.