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About the Jewish History Hub
Connecting Cleveland's Jewish History Community

How this project began

Our small but growing group of persons who devote much energy to local Jewish history projects has been meeting for years, sharing news and discussing our research. Between meetings we've often told each other about completed or just-started studies and have helped each other collegially.

On November 3, 2017 we gathered to look for ways to help others in their history research and teaching, including memories of old neighborhoods, and to help increase the use of our community's Jewish history assets, some of them almost unknown.

Initially we each offered our suggestions on possible projects, small and large.

We are fortunate to live in Greater Cleveland, the home of several organizations that preserve, exhibit or teach Jewish history. After discussing how we might work with them we decided to begin on our own for a time, independent but open to cooperating with them all.

We agreed on two web-based projects that should support each other. They are described below.


THIS WEBSITE intends to link to all resources on our area's Jewish history.

Our pages will be edited and will focus on links to relevant and useful resources, with an emphasis on new and hard-to-find content. It will not aim to store new history content, bur rather to promote visits to content elsewhere, books, attendance at talks and classes, exhibits and events.

It will have few announcements as they will be on our Facebook group, which is public. (Click on the Facebook icon on this page.)


We have created a public Facebook group:  Jewish History Hub.

Any Facebook user will be able to read what's been posted, Those who join can post, request and give help on historical research, comment on what they have read or seen, and more. For those who create history content it will be a place to reach persons interested in our area's Jewish history. For those interested in history it will be a place to discover what's new.

Posts will be moderated as needed. More on this.


What do we expect as the outcomes?

We believe that the learning community for modern Jewish history can be served and enlarged with more information on what's available. We feel a duty to tell others about great resources, especially those that are hard to find. We also see institutions that offer content, exhibits and courses as able to serve a larger audience. We react as a music lover would when seeing rows of empty seats at a concert.

This small website and our Facebook group Jewish History Hub can do more for our community than our group of "citizen historians" occasionally sitting around a large table in a Cleveland east-side eatery. Please join us at our virtual table and learn with us.

Arnie Berger  December 1, 2017

"We" is our start-up team. For their names, click here.
To see our website plan, click here.